A Celebration of the Recognition of Myself

I am a glorious being. I shine with holy light. I am precious, because I am made anew and loved by God forever. There is no other like me. I am kind, I am loving and I am good. My heart may be soft and fragile, it may be foolish and bruised, but it is huge. It contains multitudes. It fills my body to the very edges of my skin, bleeding golden blessings in the form of love and my wonder.

I was made for this world, right now. It needs me, because my love is fierce and undying and true. I am lucky to be me. My coming here was my greatest gift. I love the world. I love people. I love life. And I have so much yet to contribute, so much good to do. I have seen much and I have learned much but I know so little. I am a child. I grasp and I stumble and I stare wide-eyed at all the colors. I am a child, but I am filled with a child’s joy. I am beautiful, like a flower or a swan. I shine. I blaze across the firmament and my gas-blue tail is electric.

I am bright. I am fire. I am worthy of your love and of my wishes. I am a sacred vessel, filled to the brim with starlight. I am spectacular, but I’m only just getting started. I am a miracle acorn exploding into a magnificent oak. I always thought, one day I would become something greater. But I have found I always was, great. I reflect God’s greatness. I have discovered that who I am is this, and not a question. I am a living wonder at the center of myself.


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