A Fallen Leaf

Is there anything more joyous, more miraculous, than a chance leaf swirling in a gust of wind? The answer is yes. You. You are that leaf. Swirling before the eyes of everyone who sees you. Realize and remember – you need not do anything than merely exist to enthrall them all.

A leaf. A solar panel that unfurls from the tip of a branch and then falls when the light fades. There is no difference between this leaf and I. The difference lies only in the scale of our lives, which compared to the scale of all life and all time is so negligible as to be non-existent. There is no difference.

How is it that I can see anything at all?

And what is it about what I see that the world needs to understand?

Fractals. There is great depth beyond the surfaces of things. What we see is superficial, it is but a mere fraction of the whole, yet the whole is somehow contained, entirely, in that fraction.

All things are contained within all things. All stories are accessible through any one given scene. We are all connected. How can we not be? We are one, there is no separation, there is only a whole, and what I seek to capture is that unity, to reveal not the parts, not the abstraction, but the whole universe – everything. Everything is in everything.

Everything is wonderful, joyous and surreal. But everything is normal, nothing is surreal. The entire universe sprang from a singularity in an instant, is there not wonder enough in a mustard seed? In a tadpole?

This is not photography, this is revelation. The word photography is as meaningless as the word surreal. I don’t do anything but see. The only action I take, the only work I do is walk. I walk through the same world you walk through and wait for something profound to be revealed to me. The art is not in the capture of the revelation but in its transference. It’s one thing if I see it, but can I manage to make you see it too?

Art is transference, the transition of a revelation from one person to another. Art is an emotional transference between a seer who wanders and seeks and a another human being. Any other human being. Art, then, is an emotional transference through an object conveyed by a person. Forgive me this. I am learning as a go along.  I am learning as I live. This is the loneliest of pursuits. It is lonely even before the attempt at transference. The mere seeing is lonely. Perhaps why I am compelled to share, to attempt to convey. I need a witness to make it true.

All I am trying to do is manifest feelings in a tangible, impactful way, so that I can understand them. There is no way to ensure that you can. But by working through it this way, by preparing it for another, for a stranger, I make it easier for me to understand.

I just stand in wonder at it all. The world to me is a vast, starry sky where a common oak tree is no less miraculous than a galaxy, for it is a galaxy. So that’s it. That’s what I’m doing. I’m searching for and revealing galaxies. I’m not a photographer after all. I’m an astronomer, of inner space, simply hoping to reveal the miraculous, the layers of miraculous beauty that are ubiquitous. I want you to see what I see, to share with you the entire universe mirrored everywhere, in everything. Nothing is mundane. All is spectacular.

Celebrate your jackpot.

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