The Beloved Son of the Sky

Sometimes the sky seems endless, and I forget the earth, I forget the ocean. There are times when I just close my eyes and soar. What forces hold me weightlessly? What forces pull me down? Here, in the space of now, I achieve an equilibrium; wind, and light, and feathers. The molecules align. I am a bird now, I think to myself, but that thought is only flashing, like a snippet from dream. It’s gone as fast as it came. There is no thought of before. My wings are translucent, and though I can’t see that effect I can feel it. The light that glows at my edges. All my blood is warmed. I don’t even realize that I’m living. I have, in this transitional phase, lost the concept of names. Nothing ties me down. If I understood forever I could fly that way till death. If I understood death I wouldn’t fly at all.

There is in me no understanding of anything because understanding requires time, a facility I’ve forgotten in this form. All of this is a memory that struck me in an instant in my moment of miraculous liberation. Until that instant there was the soaring. I rose and fell and banked above the beaches where the undulating flashes terminated beneath the ribbons of foam. There were shapes and shadows and curious movements and the air carried both bodies and sound. There was only seeing. There were only rushes and calls. Everything remains nameless within the dream. I was on the move, always, and movement was my being. A gentle lifting of my tail feathers, a simple tucking of my wings; and I spanned oceans. I circled madly in my rapture, I dipped my head for fish sign. I followed the slow arc of the sun.

Unknown. Unnamed. Unseen. But not untouched. I felt every subtle vibration. It was an existence, a delirium, a dance of tiny tremors. Sometimes I cried. I called out exalting, euphoric, my yawps of primal laughter. I flew so high. The master of gravity, companion of the wind. I knew no boundaries. I was the beloved son of the sky. Why would you pity me? Why avert your eyes? Mine was such a beautiful transition and I knew only joy. There was for me no memory, no desire. My heart was beating now, now, now. I never feared, I never worried. I was born perfect and with a greatness I didn’t have to achieve. I just was. I was already complete. Streamlined, buoyant, mindless but endowed with a magnificence of spirit.  And I flew.

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