Veni, Vidi, Vici.

You can look at a thing and perhaps articulate a narrative chain of descriptors, adjectives, setting it in some context that makes sense to you and then, once classified and sumamrized, you can move on. And for must of us that will suffice. I came, I saw, I conquered. But beyond words, beyond what you may think you know about what it is that seems to appear before your eyes, is something ineffable, indescribable, beyond category and summarization. It is this penchant for quips and reduction that blinds us. Our eyes have become the least reliable of the known senses. We are duped by the speed at which we can seemingly know what a thing is. Vision, however, is not something achieved or realized through the body’s eyes. They are but one portal, one tiny hole in the collander. When I look at this, when I look at it, I am shocked, stunned and somewhat terrified. Because I cannot tell you what it is. I don’t know what I’m seeing. And I realize, almost 50 years since the light of this world graced my eyes, that I have not come, I have not seen, I have conqured nothing.

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7 thoughts on “Veni, Vidi, Vici.

  1. If we sit with something long enough we can come to have an understanding of it. That’s why we need to be mindful of everything we do. If we race through life or through a section of the landscape we will miss everything that is meaningful. As a naturalist I have spent many hours sitting in a field, under a tree, by a brook, in the snow, against a rotting log. After hours of contemplating my surroundings I can tell you the sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and textures of my micro-world. I experience great joy in this revelation. This image is familiar to me, so I am not afraid of it. We are only afraid of what we don’t understand. As a photographer you are like me. You get intimate with the things you photograph. Now, sit with the things awhile and enjoy. They are not to be conquered. Thank you for your beautiful images and your thoughtful words.

    • Thank you for a most thoughtful reply Robert. Just to clarify, I am not afraid of the ‘it’ I am beholding, only the inability to truly understand it. This comes down to the ultimate weakness and inadequacy of words. I am terrified of my discovery that nothing can be truly seen, known, described or understood. The terror is the reult of the profound realization that I am blind.

      • Thank you for this great post and picture!

        Sight, vision is all from the inside. You don’t see you perceive, you understand, you comprehend. You are not blind. You are one of the humans who are like you. Seeing and envisioning is actually perceiving the world. You have spent 50 years seeing and envisioning. The words you write are actually that understanding, that perception. And believe me, you are not blind. You are more watchful than a lot of others. 🙂

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