The Howling in San Bernardino

“There is a crack in every thing that God has made. It would seem there is always this vindictive circumstance stealing in at unawares even unto the wild posey in which the human fancy attempted to make bold holiday and to shake itself free of the old laws–this back-stroke, this kick of the gun, certifying that the law is fatal; that in nature nothing can be given, all things are sold.” – Emerson

Some have said enough. All the eyes are gone. They have been traded now so many times that we can no longer identify whose belongs to whom. You take mine and I take yours and the wars rage on and on. At this point all the testaments are old. Johnny get your gun.

A myriad of explanations follow. Thoughts and prayers, hearts going out, candles flickering on the sidewalk. And we tell each other stories. Reasons, logics, motivations. We want it easy. We want it quick. We wrap the killers in cloaks of segregation. We separate them from us. We cut them off from the body and turn them into islands. They are not like us. They are not of us. Something was clearly wrong with them.

And it is so easy to blame the gun, the cotton-gin of death. The sharpened stone projectile. The copper projectile. The iron projectile. The lead projectile. Man’s great genius, plucked from the periodic table and marked by brilliant advances in the management and efficiency of small, contained explosions. We are so very adept now at hurling metal through flesh. We are such fragile containers. A splayed nugget smaller than an acorn will rupture the miracle of the brain and heart. Bravo, Adams. Encore, Eves. Good job.

It is so very tempting to blame the guns. But that genie is out and amok among us. It is long past the time for gun control, which is a deflection, and a ruse, and a denial of the ‘problem’. We cannot control the guns. What we can begin to control is the anger. The force behind the very notion of the gun. The seething fear cloaked as rage, disguised as justice, the warped version of do unto to others, the eye-for-an-eye dogma embedded in our genetic code.

The world of violence runs on resentment, perceived betrayals, cherished pains, slights and insults held under pressure to create diamonds of hate; and the past is preserved as iron-clad prologue to justify preemptive attack. We are scared. We feel helpless. We are not heard. We are in pain. And violence – the tearing of flesh with some form of metal – seems, like suicide, to be the only answer. Killing as catharsis.

“This is the ancient doctrine of Nemesis, who keeps watch in the universe and lets no offence go unchastised. The Furies, they said, are attendants on justice, and if the sun in heaven should transgress his path they would punish him.” ~ Emerson

We are not blaming anger. We are not discussing anger. We are couching the discourse in religion, mental illness, racism, terrorism, barbarism and we are ignoring the underlying mindset that drives the extremist, whatever his stripes. Why is there so much anger? Why is there so much hate? It is rage that fuels the wars within us, not God. A culture of love does not breed killers, nor do isolated cultures of hate.

When the collective subconscious of the world is dominated by love, forgiveness, and compassion, its tools of untimely death will become effete. The zeitgeist of fear and war must and will give way to this. The tipping point is nigh. We must, through each individual heart, give birth to a new age of selflessness and understanding. But anger cannot be vanquished with anger. Change will not be born through blunt and clumsy legislation. We must reject factionalism and commit to love.

Start now by forgiving those whom you perceive as the most evil among us. Overlook no cry for help. There are only two expressions we are capable of communicating to each other – love, or the call for love. Every one of these terrible acts of mutilation and death is not a call but a howl crying out for communion.

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2 thoughts on “The Howling in San Bernardino

  1. Although I agree with the idea that anger is the face of fear and runs amok, I strongly believe that that same fear and anger separately, are vital tools for survival. We must be angry with injustices in many forms. We must fear that the injustices will take everything from us. Using anger and fear as the rancher uses a controlled fire, powerful forces can be tamed and used for generations after. I enjoyed the read and will follow, thanks.

    • Thank you for a thoughtful, sane response Liberty. I know what you are saying. Channeling anger, re-directing fear. I just don’t believe though that those thought forms serve us anymore. If we can step back from them to get at what makes us angry, or what makes us afraid, we can then, I think, rally get to the problems. But this is a more subtle discussion than I think we should have in a comment thread. : ) VC

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