A Simple Truth of Life and Brotherhood

Sometimes your choices aren’t your own. Spoken like a true baby brother. It’s not easy to negotiate the politics and the sometimes brutal food chain that is brotherhood. But it builds character and engenders the quality of patience. You learn when to speak, and when not to. You learn the art of negotiation. And you learn humility. As far as I’m concerned if you grew up a the youngest of a house full of boys, you’re hired.

I want to know who you are, really. I want to know what experiences shaped you as a child. I want to know what you believe and how you came to believe it, not so that I can approve or disapprove of who you are but so I can know you as a human being. Tell me your stories. Show me your trophies and your scars. Give me the you that belies your resume because jobs are just one chapter in the book of who you are.

Marshall Guttenberg? He’s a keeper. He’s the kind of person I want on my team and at my side. He’s real. He’s honest. I know he’s going to give it his all. I’d be lucky to have him as an employee or to be my boss. Because I know him beyond those roles. I know that when the shit hits the fan, he doesn’t run. I know that he’s a man of his word. I know that he can be serious and I know he can have fun. And I’ve only spent two hours with the man.

I create Luminous Stories because I want to know people. I believe we need to be represented better than we are. Our social media profiles are flat. Our resumes tend to be shallow. We are barely seen as the multi-dimensional beings that we are. And it takes an objective eye to reveal us. A Luminous Story is a lens through which you can discover yourself and be discovered by the world.

A Luminous Story conveys a personal brand-story through a collection of images that carry messaging with a poetic, intimate and authentic bent. The images are stunning, evocative photographs overlaid with brief quotations, testimonials, lyrics, poetry, personal tag-lines or biographical information that personifies the character of an individual or brand.

The Light House Photography


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