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Passion is Poetics

You have a voice. We all do, but some of us speak louder, more clearly.

You have a voice. And it needs to be heard, not to feed your ego or get attention, but because you have this vast wealth of experience, a unique perspective, and a passion for the things that you do.

And we need your passion. You passion inspires us. Your story inspires us. It doesn’t matter if you’re a plumber, a poet or a CEO. We need authentic stories of courage, compassion, creativity, and endurance. The world needs more you.

Amy Glynn is a writer, poet and mother of two. She’d likely shy away from the title of ‘role model’, but that’s what she is. She brings passion, and love and boundless curiosity to the world through her poems, her writing, and simply her presence. Amy’s a perfect example of a person who can’t be summed up in a resume or on a LinkedIn page. She’s not someone you keep in a file in a drawer. She’s a seer, a liver of life, an interpreter of our maladies and joys.

So zoom in and explore. An ODE is a treasure map and the X is right there over Amy’s heart. We invite you to discover just one of the fascinating seven and a half billion of us through this ODE to Amy Glynn.

For more information go to www.ode.life, or to win an ODE for yourself or someone you know,  Like our Facebook page, share one of our posts and tell us why you want an ODE.




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