Obvious Animals

The faces are accumulating. There are more now than I can count. I have ever been a collector of faces. There are thousands in my mind gallery. I never forget a face. I read somewhere about grandmother neurons, which are special brain cells that form tiny clusters of three to five, each dedicated to a single face. Memory machines. Tiny hard drives encoded with a single set of eyes, a mouth set just so, a nose that braces the visage of a single man. Names I don’t remember. Faces I cannot forget.

Every face is linked in time to a specific condition of light. The volumetric qualities of the head in space. Skin tone. Shadow. Eyes that glisten in their knowing. Light reflecting off surface textures, paint and wood, cloud and bone. I suspect that the neural clusters encode for this too. There is a GPS-like knowing. Face in place and time. If I remember the face I remember the light.

If you look into my eyes I will hold you forever. You will become a part of me. You will be unconsciously encoded. The physical you. The you who looks out through the body’s eyes. I didn’t choose this. It’s vestigial. From the time when we were more obvious animals living in more imminent fear.

If you look into my eyes I will see through all our fears to the truth of us.

I can read you at a glance. I can see into your heart and know things you won’t admit to yourself, things that you have hidden or ignored. That you are loving. That you are pure. That you are utterly and irrevocably sinless and bound for a heaven beyond our current conception. I too am going there. And you will guide me. Together we can pass through the eye of the needle.

Who are you?

Where we’re going names don’t matter. When you gave me your attention you held out your hand. Follow me, you told me, to the place beyond primal instinct and form. You said that when you let me look at you. And now I have your face in my hall where it floats with all the other angels.

Thank you for the revelation.

Thank you for the call.

My mind is filled with snowflakes held in tiny capsules of light.

It’s all just water, suspended in crystalline form.

o O o

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