The Watershed Book Project

For some of us reading was not a way out, but a way in. Childhood was an ocean. Adolescence was a storm. And books were lifeboats.

For each chapter of my life there was a book that saved me, that guided me through the darkness. These books felt like they were written just for me, for just that time.

I know I am not alone. Many of the people I consider to be my closest friends share this special fondness for books, for stories, that gave us answers, or hope.

Books help us to find our own voices. They help us to recognize our own reflections in the mirrors of other lives. Great words truly spoken are timeless.

I’ve begun The Watershed Book Project to recognize and celebrate the power of the book. What are the books that changed your life? The books that have stayed with you? I want to hear your comments and perhaps include you in this project.

Message me if this resonates with you.


Reaction? Feedback? Express yourself.

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