The Orchard ODEs #2 of 12

February 2016 – Sebastopol, CA.

I’m thinking about reflections, about surfaces, bouncing photons, and sunlight reborn. Every photograph is a resurrection. Is it even possible to be seen?

You can stare at your face in a piece of glass and see a semblance of who you are, but if you want to see your true self, not as others see you, not as a body, but as a luminous being, there’s no better frame than this – the natural contours of the world.

The camera is a talisman, a portal into knowing. Ultimately we’re the only witness through which we come to know ourselves.

I think that’s what’s happening here. Amy didn’t come here to be seen by me, or by us. These are not rows of trees, this is a hall of mirrors. I’m still thinking about reflections.

o O o


One thought on “Talismans

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