The Wand

The Orchard ODEs #7 of 12

July 2016 – Sebastopol, CA

In these photos the difference between Amy and myself is that I’m holding the camera. And that is all. She’s the one revealing. She is being seen. The mere act of this exposure is transformative. If you trust it. If you surrender. If the process works the way I hope, you’ll blossom into a sacred version of yourself.

I’ve said before that the camera is a talisman. It grants us access to a hidden self. You look into it as if there is magic inside but the magic is inside of you. The camera is just a prop that draws your focus. It seems to be a barrier between us but it is a bridge.

I think I understand this now. These pictures form a chain, a rope, a link. A wand.

o O o


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