The Orchard ODEs #10 of 12

October 2016 – Sebastopol, CA

Where is your church and what are your hymns? Right now it is this. The apple tree and the old farmhouse on the rise. More metaphors. More signs.

The body is like a house, if you believe in the soul. But the eyes are not its windows. You can look into someone’s eyes for years and still see nothing. It’s an open heart and that reveals our truest self.

But there’s something we convey through our unguarded faces that words cannot touch. We take on, I think, the spirit of our surroundings. These images of Amy in the orchard are slivers of biography. They’re gateways, portals into the present and glimpses into the collective past. But whose?

These portraits are calendars with no boundaries, no numbers, no lines. I give you an amorphous chronicle of hours, where we are free of this geometry of form. The body points to the spaciousness beyond.

o O o


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