Light Matter

The weak are dying. The able are getting strong. It is a time of calcification and summoning. From the depths of ourselves we’re discovering who we are. The time of fear is waning and we are coming into faith. All will be well. All is well. Not even cruelty and suffering can endure. Love will outlast its own absence; which is its own illusion. It is the very air. It is the invisible subatomic force that binds us all. The mysterious missing dark matter. An epic misnomer. Love is the unifying force. Look no further than our own hearts. Even the so-called worst of us is filled with it. Welcome the epoch of light. Light privilege, light power, light that is right. For it is blame and hatred that is the darkness and we have been in the dark for ages. This time. This is the true renaissance. We are in the midst of an emotional revolution. Forget the time of metals and fuels. Of electricity. We are beyond the realm of the bodily senses, of measuring devices, the time of words and numbers. This is the time of light, of love, of transcendence. Do you feel it? You either feel it or you don’t. If you do, rejoice, and take heart. The world is changing at the marrow and you are a cell newly born. But if you don’t feel it, if this doesn’t resonate with you, don’t give it another thought. Just keep floating. You will rise with the tide. Love cannot be held back by the forces of nature or man. And you know it’s coming because those forces are in revolt.  That you must surely feel. It seems only to be getting darker. This man. That man. There is always the other. The antichrist is anyone but you.

You cannot remember who you are unless you knew it all along. But somewhere deep, deep within the crevices and reticulations you do know. You are the light of the world. You are the light that matters. The only light there is. We can love our way out of this mess. Yes we can. And we can start this very instant. Go.

o O o


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