The Optimist Manifesto

You are not going to rest on your laurels.

You are not going to sit around and wait for something to happen.

You are not going to procrastinate.

You are not going to suffer.

You’re not going to remain complacent.

You are going to believe in yourself.

You’re going to take risks.

You’re going to dream and reach for your dreams.

You will not allow fear to hold you back.

You will embrace change.

You will thrive.

You will claim joy and happiness as your rights.

You will work hard and be rewarded.

You will not succumb to defeatist patterns of thought.

You will love and accept yourself.

You will pick yourself up if you fall.

You will help other people.

You will help yourself.

You will be your own best friend but you will be helped by the friends that you have.

You will be lucky.

You will be given grace.

You are not cursed, or broken or doomed.

You will smile more often.

You will laugh with greater frequency.

You will take any setbacks in stride.

You will trust in the universe.

You will follow your heart.

You will rely on the kindness of strangers.

You will keep your light on and love the world like crazy and you will live each day as if it’s numbered because it is.

You will treat yourself kindly.

You won’t beat yourself up.

You will learn new things all the time.

You will stay humble but think mighty thoughts.

You will cry when you feel like it and listen more closely.

You’ll remember to be grateful for every thing that you have, and that it’s the little things that matter.

You will treat each moment like a gift.

You will always be gentle and always be forgiving and always be polite.

You will be your own hero.

You will be your own savior.

But you will be patient and accepting and let the answers come in their own time.

You will stay grounded in the present.

You will let go of the past.

You will be far less rigid about outcomes and the whys.

You will breathe and breathe again.

You will not fear death.

You will acknowledge the power of your mind.

You will talk less, think less and care less about the madness of the world.

You will sit still.

You will observe more.

You will become like a very wise child.

You will live well and be content because these are all choices and Heaven is is one of them and you were made in the exact image of God.


Reaction? Feedback? Express yourself.

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