An ODE to Kathryn Hirt

We are stories. We are living, breathing, evolving stories. A photograph doesn’t tell them. A social media profile doesn’t tell them. Nothing short of time spent in conversation with each other will suffice to convey our nuance, our depth.

And when we do this, when we listen, and observe each other, when we take the time to open our hearts, we discover how much we have in common. This is true of any two human beings, of all humans, across cultures and beliefs.

I have helped to create more than fifty of these ODEs now, and each one has taught me so much – not just about the person, but about myself. Every person has something to teach me, and the uncanny thing is that I seem to need them in the very moment they arrive.

Let’s talk about Kathryn. She is a traveller, a comet, a counselor, a glowing soul who, without even knowing who I was, has given me kindness and friendship, and who I now know as a kindred spirit. We both believe in the power of love to transform the world.

I give you a sliver of her story. Just enough, I think, to convey a bit of her magic. I don’t have to tell you the state of the world. I don’t have to tell you how much we need love. But I do need to tell you these individual stories when I can. Because there are people all around us (like Kathryn) who are worth knowing. There are people who cast light. They are the lighthouses who beckon from the dark, and they will guide us.

I am a fragile little boat and the sea is rough. But God/spirit/the universe has given me so many lighthouses. And I will, when I can, cast light on them. Because I want to help the other little boats. That is what a storyteller does. A storyteller passes a story along. Kathryn’s is one to admire and to learn from.


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