Acts of Faith {a poem}

If I am lost in the blowing grasses,

If I wander from the path,

I am in your hands, time.

And in them there is a stillness,

Where light becomes animate,

And tactile,

Like little lost pieces of a former self.


Where bones fall and whiten.

Where palm-sized animals go to burrow

In the darkness of the black, living earth.

Where stones rise speckled with bright

And ancient lichens,

Drifting from rock island to rock island

Where roots cling and flowers find purchase,

Each tiny paradise and enclave,

A world unto itself,

A land that I discover,

Lost in time and seen by no one as I see it,

I make it mine by this act of my loving,

I enter into the folds of time and

For awhile I do surrender,

Finally letting go,

And learning,

The meaning of faith.


98 thoughts on “Acts of Faith {a poem}

  1. Times very nature is temporary or the moment within is, at least. But the “stillness” must move on. To recognize this little world feels like a tethering agent if only to sample ‘the still’. I think of a moving camera that comes to a stop allowing the auto-focus to reveal the beauty… “for a while” anyways. – Well done.

  2. Very happy to have discovered this piece (and your blog) via somebody else’s re-posting of it.

    There are some powerful lines here, vibrant images, and you are very well-skilled at line breaks/stanza breaks.

    Excellent poem.

  3. Thank you so much for visiting JanBeek and leaving your “calling card” by commenting and allowing me to find your blog. Wow! What an inspiration you are! I love the imagery. Lines like ” little lost pieces of a former self” cause me to pause and reflect. Yes, “He makes all things new” and so like the butterfly who sloughs off the chrysalis, we are invited to slough off our former selves and take on the “renewed me.” Powerful!! ❤

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  7. I have been trying to have more mindful moments on faith. My daughter is currently in the hospital and it is hard to find moments of quiet. Just taking a few moments to read this helped my mind set for the day. Thank you!

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