The story of Serpent Box…

Hello friend, and welcome.

This blog is composed of essays, stories and poems that deal with the nature of vision and human perception, the mystery and power of memory and the intersection of spirit with the realm of the physical world.

At its’ most basic level Serpent Box, the blog, is about the power of light. It’s a container-ship adrift in an ocean of possibilities celebrating the joy of the moment, the wonders of living, the tragic, the miraculous and the strange.

Most of the photographs are mine. I endeavor to give credit when I occasionally use photos that are not.

But what is a Serpent Box? Well, as its name implies it’s a wooden container in which a poisonous snake is held and transported to and from Holiness revivals (Christian religious services in which some participants use snakes to demonstrate their faith).

Why would I name a blog Serpent Box?

Serpent Box is the title of my debut novel. It’s the story of the improbable journey of 10-year-old snake-handling preacher in Tennessee in 1946. The book, which took me seven years to write, was inspired by a single photograph of a young boy holding a snake in a box. That photo changed my life, and serves as a reminder to me, not just on the power of photography and story-telling, but fragility and meaning of the human body.

o O o

A picture is worth a 1000 words, a word is worth a 1000 pictures and picture of a word is worth 1000th the weight of a sparrow’s feather. Who knows where a single photograph will lead you?

I’m searching for and revealing galaxies. I’m not a photographer after all. I’m an astronomer, of inner space, simply hoping to reveal the miraculous, the layers of miraculous beauty that are ubiquitous. I want you to see what I see, to share with you the entire universe mirrored everywhere, in everything. Nothing is mundane. All is spectacular.

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14 thoughts on “The story of Serpent Box…

    • Thanks Josh. As it says on the homepage Words and Photographs by Vincent Carrella. All mine. Well, mostly. There are a few sprinkled in from other sources like Anne Frank and Michael Fassbender.

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